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About Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye is located in the southwest part of Turkey’s coastline, just 40 minutes from the international airport at Dalaman. It is in the north western corner of the Teke Peninsula. As this region has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations, Fethiye has been shaped by these great historical events, which inscribed into the town and its surrounds.



Lycians were ancient people of the Teke Peninsula. Their history in this region goes back as long ago as 1250 B.C, when they were ally of the ancient Hittites and the Trojans. Lycia was one of the free federation of city states with a sophisticated system of government. As Xanthos, Pinara, Cadianda, Olympos, Myra, Tlos, and Patara, Fethiye (Telmessos) was one of these city states. The name Lycia  means Land of Light. Still effective reason for this name is that the region, bathed in sunshine, has air of spectacular clarity. Many of the superb architectural ruins, left from the Lycian period can be visited today. The Lycians were noted for their burial techniques of carving rock tombs from cliff faces. Many examples of these can be found in the heart of Fethiye.

The Persians and GreeksFethiye is surrounded by other popular destinations, which are very different but only 15 minutes apart; the town of Ovacik with its tranquil mountain setting, the party town of Hisaronu with its lights and nightlife, Calis Beach with the classic laid back feel and the beautiful World famous Olu Deniz. All within a short bus ride of Fethiye town.


With its hot & dry summers and mild & rainy winters Fethiye has a typical Mediterranean climate.


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