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Blue Cruise Cabin Charters 2018 CABIN CHARTER PROGRAMS Blue Voyage Cabin Charters

Perhaps the best part of Blue Cruise Cabin Charters is that they negate the need to form a large group. Our high quality cabin charters may be booked alone or with friends and family, full board in A/C-equipped cabins. To enjoy our blue cruise cabin tours, where you will also find opportunities to meet people from various countries and cultures, the only thing you need to do is to choose one of our various routes. You will have an unforgettable vacation with the unique taste of Turkish cuisine at the magical bays of Aegian Sea where the turquois water blend with the green from pine forests.
Full board accommodation with air conditioned boat

BODRUM - GULF OF GOKOVA - BODRUM7 Nights / 8 Days Cabin Charter

€ 310 - € 655

One of the best Blue Cruise routes is Gulf of Gokova. It has numerous small bays with crystal clear waters, small villages and islands, such as Seven Islands, Tuzla, Longoz, British Harbour, Karacasogut, Sedir Island, Cokertme, Mazı, Kise buku and Orak Island. They are waiting to be discovered by you...


Full Board Accommodation
Full board accommodation with air conditioned boat

MARMARIS - FETHIYE - MARMARIS7 Nights / 8 Days Cabin Charter

€ 390 - € 655

Full Board Accommodation
Full board accommodation with air conditioned boat

MARMARIS - DATCA - MARMARIS7 Nights / 8 Days Cabin Charter

€ 565 - € 655

Gulf of Hisaronu is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the nature and explore the history at the same time. This route has a plenty of historical sites and wonder of nature bays.Knydos antique city, Town of Datcha, Bencik, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, Bozukkale and Kadırga Bay are some of the historical and natural places waiting to be discoverd by you...

Full Board Accommodation
MARMARIS - FETHIYE  (Mini Tour) kabin turları
Full board accommodation with air conditioned boat

MARMARIS - FETHIYE (Mini Tour)3 Nights / 4 Days Mini Cabin Tour

€ 290 - € 490

Full Board Accommodation
FETHIYE - MARMARIS  (Mini Tour) kabin turları
Full board accommodation with air conditioned boat

FETHIYE - MARMARIS (Mini Tour)3 Nights / 4 Days Mini Cabin Tour

€ 290 - € 490

Full Board Accommodation
If you would like to enjoy the Blue Cruise by chartering a cabin, please review our cabin tour programs. You can just let us know your decision or ask for our advice: info@goldenyachting.com




  • Blue Cruise cabin charters will be carried out according to the pre-planned routes. (Changes can be made according to varying weather conditions)

  • Cabins will be assigned according to reservation order.

  • Our daily menu set is not subject to change except in special circumstances, such as vegetarian guest.  Delicious varieties of nutritious and healthy Turkish cuisine are offered throughout weekly cabin tours.

  • It is not allowed to bring food from outside.




  • Prices are for 1 person, for 1 week full board or all inclusive at 2 persons per cabin. VAT is included.

  • Single stay at 2 persons cabin will be charged with an additional 70% of the original price.

  • Prices are in Euro and invoiced according to the Turkish Central Bank foreign Exchange rate. 

  • A Cabin Charter Agreement will be sent to you, once you make a decision on one of our preset routes. You will be asked to send 40% of the tour price to confirm your reservation. Remaining amount is to be paid 30 days before the tour date. 


Child discount: Children aged between 0-3 years will stay with their parents and will not be charged. A 50% discount for children between the ages of 4-10 will be applied. No discounts will be applied for children above 10 years of age.




  • If cancellation happens 30 days prior to the arrival; 20% of the total tour price will be deducted from your deposit

  • If cancellation happens 29-15 days prior to arrival; 40% of the total tour price will be deducted from your deposit

  • If cancellation happens 14 days or less prior to arrival; there will be no refund.




You can make your payments either with credit cards or through money order or cash.




All yacht servicing under Golden Yachting are insured and covers third parties. But if you want to have personal travel, health, accident etc. insurances you can have it by yourselves or ask us for information.




  • During Blue Voyage you will certainly spend most of your time on the ship board.Therefore you do not need big suitcases to carry lots of belongings with you. Small, soft and foldable suitcases are convenient and help you place them easily in the cabin without having any space problem.    

  • Generators are the sole energy source in the boats mainly provide electricity for refrigerators, A/C units, TV, music players and all other electric equipments. Since the generators spend fuel stored in the boat, its operating time is limited with 10-12 hours daily. You may charge your mobile phones and other battery equipments only within this period. Please pay your highest attention to turn the lights off when you leave your cabin, to keep the doors of freezers closed and not to ask for operating A/C units out of specified time period.       

  • Shower and toilette facility are offered in each cabins. Waste waters are accumulated in the waste water tanks located in the boat. Toilet papers and other waste materials can easily block the discharging channels and cause disturbing results for all other guests.  In order not to create such unpleasent situation please use only the garbage bins for toilet papers and other waste materials. The garbage bins are discharged daily by boat staff.        

  • The capacity of water tanks are limited and just enough to meet general needs along the tour. Therefore it is important to keep the water taps closed when they are out of usage. We certainly do not like you to face with water shortage.        

  • Bath and face towels are offered in all cabins. Additionally you might bring your own beach towels only.       

  • It is very dangerous and strictly forbidden to smoke in cabins and in all other closed areas in the boat. Please be very sensitive on this issue. Your safety is first.       

  • Please pay attention to the warnings of the Captain and Staff.       

  • Please respect the group eating service times that will be announced by the boat staff. There is no individual service.       

  • It is not allowed to bring foods and beverages in the boat from outside. At the boat bar you may provide all beverages on reasonable prices.       

  • Most of our guests prefer to sleep on deck. Nevertheless, just after waking up you are kindly requested to place back all the supplies like blankets, pillows in the cabins.       

  • For safety reasons, boat staff might also sleep on deck. Please do not find this odd.        

  • At the end of the tour, you are asked to pay in cash for the extra beverages you bought at the bar along the tour. Every end of the day you will be asked to confirm your extras       

  • We would like to inform you that, offering a certain amount of tip for boat staff at the end of the tour is not compulsory but a kind of tratidion.  In proportion to your pleasure and satisfaction for the service you got, you may submit your tips to the Captain to be distributed among all staff of the boat.       

  • Along the tour, please share your possible complaints and problems first with the Captain of the boat. If you don't get any satisfying solution, then you can easily contact representatives of Golden Yacthing. Please make sure that, for the solution of your problems, all necessary actions will be performed on time.       

  • At the end of the tour programme, you are kindly requested to leave the boat on the time initially announced. Please do not forget that, the boat must be cleaned and prepared for our next guests that will be on board after 5 hours than you left the boat.        

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