Flotilla Sailing Turkey


Bareboat Sailing

Bareboat sailing means you charter a yacht independently. We hand over a yacht ready for use and you return the yacht to us at the end of your charter. As a skipper, you are fully responsible for the yacht and its crew.

With bareboating, you have the freedom to make your own cruising plan and go at your own pace. Of course, we can give you all kinds of tips before leaving.

If you don`t have enough sailing experience, you can rent your boat with a skipper.  By hiring a skipper, you will avoid the stress of not knowing the sailing area as well as the liability of the boat, because your captain will be held responsible for the boat.

Flotilla Sailing

If you have enough experience to operate a boat yourself but not enough to sail alone in the new waters, you can choose to sail in a flotilla as an alternative to hiring a skipper for your boat.

A flotilla consists of a maximum of ten yachts, which all follow the same itinerary. During the day you sail independently but you can always refer back to the lead boat. All boats depart from the same harbor or bay on each day and meet again in the evening.

Every morning a briefing takes place in which the cruising plan of the day is discussed, a weather report is given and where you get useful tips about that day’s cruising. Once on your way you can contact the lead boat by VHF, an easy-to-handle sender/receiver radio transmitter. The flotilla leader also gives technical help if necessary.

Even experienced sailors often choose to go with a flotilla because of the social advantage of sailing in a group. You are not forced into any social obligations and certainly, you are free to spend the evening without the group, but often the group finds itself together to eat and drink and share experiences of the day. 

Flotilla yachting combines the safety of sailing in a group with the freedom of your own boat. The flotilla leader is more of a nautical companion and source of information than an entertainer.