We have compiled information that will be useful for our guests who plan to visit the Greek Islands during their blue cruise.


The first thing who wants to charter a boat to go to the Greek Islands should consider is the number of people in the group. Groups of up to 12 people can go to the Greek Islands by any boat with suitable bed capacity, while some standards are required for boats where groups of more than 12 people can go to the Greek islands. ISM CERTIFICATES are given to the boats that meet these standards and groups of more than 12 people can only go to Greek islands with ISM CERTIFICATED boats.

Since the requirements for obtaining an ISM certificate are very costly to fulfill, the number of ISM certified boats is very limited. For this reason, for groups of more than 12 people, if planning a tour of the Greek islands, it will be very useful to reserve their boats early.




People who must obtain a visa to enter the European Union must have a valid Schengen Visa for at least 6 months to go to the Greek Islands. Those who have the stamp of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in their passport are not allowed to enter the Greek Islands.

Your boat will go to the customs office located in its port to exit Turkey. After passport and face control, customs-exit is completed. The time takes to complete this first step depends on the customs workload. You will go through the Greek Customs office located in the first island you will visit. You will go through the customs of both sides again at the end of your tour. This doesn’t have to be done from the same customs offices. It might change depending on the route arrangements of your boat’s next tour.

There are several fees associated with navigating the Greek Islands. Custom fees and mooring expenses of the Greek Islands might cost from 700 Euros up to 2500 Euros depending on the size of the boat and the number of islands visited.


You can go to the Greek Islands by departing from Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye ports.

The most advantageous port of departure to the Greek Islands is Bodrum. There are 2 different routes departing from Bodrum:

The first one is called the Northern Dodecanese Islands Route, which includes the Islands of Kos-Kalymnos-Leros-Patmos-Lipsi-Arki.

The second route option is called the Southern Dodecanese Islands Route, which includes the Islands of Kos-Symi-Nysiros-Tilos-Rhodes.

You must plan at least 1 week for each of the two routes. For those who can make a two-week plan, it will be possible to visit all the Islands listed above.

Those planning to visit the Greek Islands departing from the port of Marmaris can go to Rhodes, Nysiros, Tilos, and Symi. Traveling from Marmaris to the northern Greek Islands is not a suitable option for a weekly tour as it requires a long journey.

It is possible to visit the Southern Dodecanese Islands of Rhodes, Nysiros, Tilos, and Symi departing from the ports of Gocek or Fethiye.


You can check our ROUTES page for detailed information about all the routes.