Blue Tour and Ancient Cities

Blue Tour and Ancient Cities

Blue cruise is an excellent option for relaxation and entertainment, remember that these trips also have a cultural dimension. When you rent a boat, you will witness its unique history while exploring the nature and texture of many bays.

In this article you; We will try to increase pleasure of your blue cruise and introduce the ancient cities where you can make a unique journey into the past.

1-Kadyanda Ancient City

Kadyanda Ancient City, located in Üzümlü Village, 15 km from Fethiye, is located on a large hill. The ancient name of the ancient city where the artifacts and structures belonging to the 5th century BC were found is known as "Kada Wanti". Most of the finds belong to the Roman Empire. This city is a city surrounded by very large walls. Although some of these walls are still intact until today, it is known that some of the walls have been destroyed. Since the region is on the hill, you can watch Fethiye Plain and Xantsthos Valley from the top. It is possible to see an ancient theater in the ancient city and many house-type tombs in the forest.

When you rent a boat from Göcek or Fethiye, we recommend you to visit Kadyanda Ancient City.

2-Ancient Telmessos

It is known that Telmessos Ancient City, established in the 5th century BC, is on the border of Lycian and Carian civilizations. From the ruins found in the region, it is known that during the Roman and Hellenistic periods, the city had a rich and high culture and was a famous prophecy center dedicated to the God Apollo. This region; It is famous for its rock tombs, sarcophagi, castle and theater. Telmessos ancient theater is located in the city center of Fethiye. The theater, which was revealed with excavations in 1993, is closed for restoration work. As a result of the restoration process, work is underway to build an open air museum in this area.

Do not complete your blue tour without seeing this magnificent ancient city!

3- Caunos Ancient City

Caunos City was discovered in 1842 by a British archaeologist. This region was a very large trade center in ancient times. The biggest reason for this is that it has a fairly large port. In the historical ruins in the region, writings were found that this place was a people's assembly. It is estimated that Kaunos, whose first settlement in the region was documented 2800 years ago, is actually a much older settlement. Remains belonging to the Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods were found in the Ancient City of Caunos.

There is a large ancient theater in the area. You will come across many ruins when you visit the ancient theater, which has been preserved in very good condition. Apart from this, there is a church, roman bath and temple in the region.

We strongly recommend that you include this magnificent ancient city on your route during the blue tour.