Things to know before going on a blue tour

Things to know before going on a blue tour

We wanted to compile the things that need to be known before going on the blue tour and briefly go over them. We recommend that our guests, who will make a blue voyage for the first time, read this article carefully. A few preparations before setting foot on your boat will increase the pleasure and peace of mind of your blue tour.

As Golden Yachting, we hope your blue cruise experience will be the most peaceful and comfortable. For this reason, we wanted you to experience the pleasure and peace at the highest level by listing a few items so that these two elements can reach the maximum.

During the blue cruise, you should take all the equipment and items you may need with you on any sea holiday. The most important of these is a high factor sunscreen. We do not want any of our guests to be exposed to diseases and injuries that the sun may cause. Sunglasses for your health, medications that you use regularly, orthopedic shoes and slippers if you have difficulty stepping on flat floors, a sweat shirt or a light cardigan in case the weather is cool in the evening can save you from difficult situations.

You will have plenty of free time on the boat. In order to make the most of this time, you can take with you a tablet or computer to read books, various articles or similar articles, headphones and a player to listen to music. Do not forget that the places you will see will be unique and fascinating places on Earth. We strongly recommend that you buy a small camera to photograph them.