When you choose your motor yacht and after completing the tour program, menu and airport transfer details we will send you our Motor Yacht Rental Agreement. When you approve the agreement, you will be required to send 50% of the total tour price as a reservation deposit. The remaining amount can be paid via bank transfer or to Golden Yachting personnel, upon your arrival to the boat. 

In case of a cancellation, the following procedures will be applied:

Depending on the date interval in between approving and canceling a charter agreement;

a) If cancellation is done 60 days prior to arrival, the deductible will be 20% of the total charter price  

b) If cancellation is done 59 days or less prior to arrival, the deductible will be 40% of the total charter price

c) If cancellation is done 15 days or less prior to arrival, 100% of the total charter price will be required


Motor yacht charter prices are published in Euro, on a daily basis. The weekly rental is not mandatory for motor yacht rentals. They can even be chartered for day tour purposes.   

Motor Yacht Charter prices include:

  • Yacht rental for the specified period
  • Harbor taxes and mooring expenses in Turkish waters
  • Crew service
  • Water for general use
  • Yacht’s laundry
  • Using the equipment on board

Motor Yacht Charter prices exclude:

  • Harbor taxes and mooring expenses in Greek waters (If Greek Islands required)
  • Custom expenses on both sides (If Greek Islands required)
  • Fuel
  • Meals
  • Soft drinks and drinking water
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Land excursions
  • Airport transfers




We offer you high quality, selected menus. For this service, depending on the chosen menu option that is applicable to your boat class, there will be an additional charge of € 35 to € 75 per person per day.

Our menus consist of rich breakfast, lunch, five-o’clock tea and dinner including seafood such as fresh fish, calamari, shrimps, meat, chicken, starters and vegetables cooked in olive oil.

You can bring along your alcoholic beverages or order us. Food and beverage service for children between the ages 0–5 is free of charge and 50% discounted for ages between 6 to12.

All food and beverages are prepared according to your taste, by the cook on board and served by the staff.



You should know that you cannot board a boat with more passengers than the capacity of the boat. Pursuant to the relevant laws, port exit cannot be taken with more passengers than the legal capacity of the boat, and everyone, including crew members, has to be reported on the sailing permit. Regardless of age, including babies, all children are considered individuals. It is very important that you specify the number of people including children before you make any boat rentals.


In general, fuel is not included in motor yacht charter prices. There are two methods for the payment of fuel cost:

1) Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is charged at 25% of the rental price before the tour. This payment is delivered to the boat captain to cover fuel and food expenses. At the end of the tour, the captain presents the account of all expenses with receipts and returns the remaining portion if there is any or asks for the difference if expenses exceed the APA amount.

2) The boat starts the tour with a full tank. At the end of the tour, it is filled again and the bill is paid by the charterer. 


·        Golden Yachting is responsible for making all the arrangements for everything specified in the services and itineraries.

·        All of the carriers and other services provided in which we bring together in our services work as independent contractors and are not agents or employees of the company.

·        Nevertheless, all of the services provided bears Golden Yachting guarantee and responsibility for the quality of service, which we provide all of our customers with.

·        All travel documents issued by Golden Yachting, in written paraphernalia or to the customer, are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the laws of Turkey.

·        In case any of the services included in our tour packages cannot be provided at the time of the tour for reasons beyond the control of the company than Golden Yachting is responsible for providing equally comfortable and interesting alternatives.


All yachts servicing under Golden Yachting are insured and covers third parties. But if you want to have personal travel, health, accident, etc. insurances you can have it by yourself.