Blue voyage by a motoryacht

Blue voyage by a motoryacht

If you want to take a blue cruise, you must first determine your wishes and priorities. You should not forget that you have the option of renting a motor yacht as well as options such as gulet, catamaran, sailboat.

In this article, "Why should I rent a motor yacht? We will list the answers to the question "".


Undoubtedly, when it comes to boat vacation or blue tour, everyone comes to mind with a different boat and different bays. However, the common feature of what comes to mind is how enjoyable and relaxing it is. However, not everyone has the same motivation to make a blue tour or rent a boat. If your motivation is any of the items listed below, we recommend you to rent a motor yacht and enjoy the blue cruise this summer.

If comfort is at the forefront for you;

Motor yachts have luxurious and comfortable living spaces compared to other boats. The design of these types of boats has been meticulously designed to make you comfortable during your holiday and not compromise on style. Every living space, from its cabin to its deck, has been designed with your comfort in mind.

If you have time constraints;

As we know, the blue cruise service is usually organized weekly with exceptions. However, there is no such rule in your motor yacht rental requests. You can also make shorter stays such as 2 nights or 3 nights with a motor yacht for rent. In addition, since motor yachts are much faster than other boats, you can explore the routes made by other boats in a much shorter time with the motor yacht you rent.

If you enjoy speeding;

If you want to feel the wind more violent in turquoise waters and speed is indispensable for you, the motor yacht rental option will be a good choice. In motor yachts, which are faster than other boat types, the distances between the bays are shorter and you can have a more concentrated blue cruise experience than a 7-day gulet holiday.

Yacht charter with crew and captain;

It is mandatory for yacht rentals with a crew and a captain for motor yacht type luxury boats. There is no such requirement for catamarans and sailboats. However, there are at least 2 people serving you in motor yachts and they take it as a duty to give you a pleasant holiday in food preparation, cleaning and route tracking.

In summary, if at least one of the 4 side titles above appeals to you, we recommend you to search for motor yachts on our site and contact us for a price quote.