Hotel Holiday or Blue Tour

Hotel Holiday or Blue Tour

Do you prefer hotels every summer? Give the Blue Cruise a chance this summer.

In this article; We have compiled the advantages of blue cruise and boat rental compared to hotel holidays!

You are free to go to the bay and location you want during the blue voyage holidays, so you can discover brand new bays. During hotel holidays, if you want to go outside the area allocated to you by the hotel, you will have to drive or walk.
You can enjoy dozens of different bays and nature with the Blue Tour. However, in hotel holidays, you usually have a more routine holiday by watching the sea view.
On the blue tour, you can participate in many activities such as swimming, diving, nature walks, fishing and visiting ancient cities. However, during hotel holidays, you are limited to a few activities that the hotel offers you.
On the blue cruise, you can sleep under the stars on the deck. You have to sleep between 4 walls in the hotel room.
The moment you lift your head off the pillow and say hello to the day on the blue tour, the sea and forest air welcomes you. If it's in a hotel room, you want to open the room window directly when you wake up.
On the blue tour, you can choose the food you choose at any time and suitable for your health. You can mostly benefit from open buffets at the times determined by the hotel.
You are much more free during a boat holiday than during a hotel holiday. Boating vacation allows all the madness that you have been afraid of in daily life. However, in hotel holidays, you have to follow some rules like in city life.