Trawler Charter

The trawler type of boats, trending in recent years, offers the pleasures of a gulet and a motor yacht together with their comfortable and luxurious living spaces, and therefore the demand for trawler rentals is increasing rapidly.

They are listed below, featuring flybridge areas, comfortable cabins, and large sea platforms. During the high season minimum weekly rental is possible. Shorter rental times are possible in the low season months of May and October.

You can check the options in our portfolio for a trawler that suits your budget and number of people in your group or you can contact us for our special offers.

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Trawler Maske 3

Trawler Ruzanna

Trawler Simay F

Trawler Babosch

Trawler Floki

Trawler BY C.F

Trawler Oggusto

Trawler Simay S

Trawler Simay M

Trawler Calm Down